Joeseph T. Monahan, MSW, ACSW, JD

About Joseph T. Monahan Mr. Monahan is the founder of Monahan Law Group, LLC and one of the preeminent mental health law attorneys in Illinois. Under Mr. Monahan's direction, the firm provides legal services to over 70 hospitals and numerous mental health clinics, child welfare agencies, and social service agencies. In addition to professional clients, Mr. Monahan also represents individuals at all levels of administrative and judicial proceedings. Website:

Jataun J Rollins, AM

Embrace the Moment: A Time for Celebrating the Joys of Caregiving

11-7-19 10:45am-12:15pm

Prepare to engage in frank discussions about the merits of caregiving that explores cultural differences in care and looks at the framework of caregiving beyond duty and responsibility to create joy-filled memories and opportunities.

About Jataun J Rollins

Jataun J Rollins, LCSW has passionately worked with children and families for 23 years and has provided consultation on navigating caregiving for those impacted by dementia. She has recently traveled abroad to Australia and Shanghai, China to explore the cultural variances of finding joy in the caregiving experiences. She is a former caregiver and respite care provider who was charged personally by her maternal grandmother's journey with Alzheimer's. She is a therapist, provides clinical supervision, career coaching, consultation on social service business start ups and issues related to child welfare administration, case management, resource development, policy issues and clinical interventions with youthi n care.

Donzell Lampkins, MSW

Masculinity, Gillette, and the Future of Black and Brown Men

11-7-19 9:00am-10:30am

This interactive workshop aims to educate clinicians on ways to create safe spaces for men to be vulnerable and transparent about their experiences with masculinity in order to unlearn toxic traits, heal from its pain, and develop into healthy men that can hold each other accountable.  

About Donzell Lampkins

Donzell Lampkins is a licensed social worker employed as a School Counselor at the University of Illinois Laboratory High School and a Mental Health Therapist at Elliott Counseling Group. Donzell is committed to improving the overall human wellbeing of individuals, couples & families. He elicits hope and motivation in his students & clients through rapport and trust building achieved through utilizing a client-centered, trauma-informed, culturally-humbled approach. Donzell believes that the greatest way to empower vulnerable populations is through actively listening non-judgmentally and through fostering a sense of partnership without power dynamics. Donzell has been featured on multiple news outlets including Fox News, WCIA, the News Gazette, JG-TC, Social Workers Speak and Supervision Support. He’s written for multiple online platforms including Thrive, Uncommen, The New Social Worker, Supervision Support and Social Worker Helper as well as spoken at multiple conferences including the National Association of Social Workers’ Illinois Statewide Conference. He also writes on his personal LinkedIn Pulse and creates content on YouTube about personal and professional development. Donzell completed his MSW with a concentration in Healthcare from the University of Illinois in December 2016 and completed his HEALS project on educating social work students and the Urbana-Champaign community on how to normalize and facilitate healthy conversations around advanced directives. He also completed a mini-fellowship in Ethono-Geriatrics through Stanford Medicine where he completed his final project on preventing falls among older African American adults.

Shannon Swanson, MSW, QIDP

Help Wanted: Supporting Individuals with Autism with Finding and Maintaining Meaningful Employment

11/06/19 9:00am-10:30am

For individuals on the autism spectrum, securing and maintaining meaningful employment can be a daunting and arduous undertaking. This workshop will explore current evidence-based practices in autism research that can be used to aid individuals in gaining and supporting valuable employment skills at every stage of the job-seeking process.

About Shannon Swanson

Shannon Swanson (MSW, QIDP) is an energetic and passionate presenter with a long history of providing direct support to individuals and families affected by autism and related disabilities. Shannon received her bachelor's of social work from the University of Missouri at Columbia and her master's in social work with an emphasis in behavioral health from Park University in Kansas City. She combines her knowledge of wraparound case management, therapeutic frameworks, and data analysis to build the capacity for individual and program-wide efficacy in serving individuals with autism. Throughout her professional career, Shannon has worked in a variety of settings including private in-home behavior therapy, statewide training, public school consultation, and state- and community-based agencies. In addition, Shannon has experience in leadership and supervision of staff, coordination of adult program and transition services, professional development and training of outside agency team members, and specialized school consultation. Shannon also serves as summer training director of the Illinois Autism Partnership’s Illinois Experiential Practicum for Autism (IEPA) and is actively involved with Special Olympics of Illinois.

Farah Hussain Baig, LCSW

The Muslim Identity: A Closer Look

11/6/19 9:00-10:30AM

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the United States yet is largely misunderstood. The Muslim identity can impact every aspect of an individual’s life and as a clinician, it is important to confront any bias that exists in the therapeutic relationship and learn ways to confront negative stereotypes.

About Farah Hussain Baig

Farah Hussain Baig, LCSW is the Founder & CEO of InnerVoice Psychotherapy & Consultation. With 20 years of experience in the field of mental health, Farah also has formal education in Islamic studies as well as areas within Islamic jurisprudence. She is proficient in facilitating psychoeducational workshops including those tailored to issues facing the Muslim community and regularly participates in interfaith initiatives to foster constructive dialogue and increase compassion and tolerance between different religious communities.

Lee Dal Pra, AM, LCSW

The Benefits and Tolls of Emotional Labor


Professional quality of life, consisting of compassion satisfaction and fatigue, is a primary factor in staff retention, service delivery, and more importantly, the wellbeing of clinicians and the clients they serve. This workshop seeks to provide insight into the literature, as well as applicable prevention and intervention skills and strategies.

About Lee Dal Pra

Lee Dal Pra obtained her master’s degree in clinical social work from The University of Chicago and is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in health sciences at Northern Illinois University. Lee specializes in TF-CBT, DBT, mindfulness, exposure therapies, and the treatment of severe psychiatric conditions, such as anxiety and depression, in children and adolescents. Lee is adjunct faculty at The University of Chicago teaching courses in cognitive and behavior therapies. Her clinical experience includes work in AD/HD research, neurodevelopmental social work, and behavioral health at several major hospitals. She is also the creator and former director of the Northbrook and Chicago Child Programs at Compass Health Center. Lee is the clinical director of Mind Chicago, an outpatient practice that specializes in providing science-based individual and family therapy. Additionally, Lee focuses on school-community partnerships by providing professional development and consultation to local/regional schools and universities.