Shannon Swanson, MSW, QIDP

Help Wanted: Supporting Individuals with Autism with Finding and Maintaining Meaningful Employment

11/06/19 9:00am-10:30am

For individuals on the autism spectrum, securing and maintaining meaningful employment can be a daunting and arduous undertaking. This workshop will explore current evidence-based practices in autism research that can be used to aid individuals in gaining and supporting valuable employment skills at every stage of the job-seeking process.

About Shannon Swanson

Shannon Swanson (MSW, QIDP) is an energetic and passionate presenter with a long history of providing direct support to individuals and families affected by autism and related disabilities. Shannon received her bachelor’s of social work from the University of Missouri at Columbia and her master’s in social work with an emphasis in behavioral health from Park University in Kansas City. She combines her knowledge of wraparound case management, therapeutic frameworks, and data analysis to build the capacity for individual and program-wide efficacy in serving individuals with autism. Throughout her professional career, Shannon has worked in a variety of settings including private in-home behavior therapy, statewide training, public school consultation, and state- and community-based agencies. In addition, Shannon has experience in leadership and supervision of staff, coordination of adult program and transition services, professional development and training of outside agency team members, and specialized school consultation. Shannon also serves as summer training director of the Illinois Autism Partnership’s Illinois Experiential Practicum for Autism (IEPA) and is actively involved with Special Olympics of Illinois.