Tierra Winston, PhD

Session: How the Trifecta Effect Resolves Educational Accountability

Lack of accountability in education, especially within the African American community, continues to be a concern despite major efforts to get parents involved. The Trifecta Effect is designed to teach school social workers strategies to hold teachers, parents, and students accountable.

About Tierra

Dr. Tierra Winston began her career and passion for human services in 2003 after she graduated from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. She began working as a family educator at Maryville Academy and transitioned to Aunt Martha’s Youth Services where she worked with homeless teens. Dr. Winston attended Chicago State University where she graduated in 2009 with a Master of Social Work degree. After working for many years as a school social worker and counselor, Dr. Winston decided to take the next step in academia by pursuing a PhD. As a recent graduate of Walden University, Dr. Winston earned her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Human Services with a specialization in Clinical Social Work.