Marcia Cotler, JD

Creating a Workplace Free of Sexual Harassment


The number of sexual harassment claims against high profile individuals in media, entertainment and politics has exploded, bringing national attention to this pervasive workplace problem.  The #MeToo movement is a wakeup call, telling us that despite laws enacted over 50 years ago prohibiting it, sexual harassment continues to be far too common in the workplace.  Research shows that the best way to combat the problem of sexual harassment is for the employer to establish a workplace culture in which respect and civility are both modeled by management and expected of and valued by employees.  Join us in learning to recognize harassment in its various forms including verbal, physical, texting and social media.  We will discuss how to develop and enforce effective sexual harassment prevention policies and create a positive workplace environment in which employee productivity and retention is increased while potential employer liability is decreased.

About Marcia Cotler

Marcia Gerber Cotler is principal and founder of Cotler Law LLC, a firm concentrating on matters of employment law.  On behalf of employees, Ms. Cotler’s practice includes negotiating compensation, non-compete, non-solicitation and severance agreements as well as bringing claims for wage and hour violations, sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination. On behalf of her many corporate clients, she serves as outside general counsel, advising on matters of employee hiring, discipline and termination, as well as the development of employee handbooks, legal compliance, and mitigation of risk. In connection with her employment law practice, Ms. Cotler develops and presents training seminars to clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to educational non-profits on matters of harassment and discrimination prevention, and conflict management skills.