Joeseph T. Monahan, MSW, ACSW, JD

Hanging Out Your Shingle (Ethics)


[Start a Business] Considering opening your own private practice but don’t know where to start? This workshop provides information and practical advice on the legal steps and business considerations for starting a practice from the ground up. Topics include choosing a business entity, hiring employees and independent contractors, legal forms and privacy issues, and more

Legal and Ethical Dilemmas for the Experienced Professional (Ethics)


[Grow Your Business] As a seasoned social worker you have faced many issues, but there will always be something new to tackle. This session addresses many of the legal and ethical dilemmas facing social workers from subpoenas and testifying in court, to duty to warn and FOID reporting. Also discussed will be transitioning your practice—from locations, expansion, and retirement.

About Joseph T. Monahan

Mr. Monahan is the founder of Monahan Law Group, LLC and one of the preeminent mental health law attorneys in Illinois. Under Mr. Monahan’s direction, the firm provides legal services to over 70 hospitals and numerous mental health clinics, child welfare agencies, and social service agencies. In addition to professional clients, Mr. Monahan also represents individuals at all levels of administrative and judicial proceedings.