Carol Mauck, MSW, LCSW, ACSW

Social Work as a Platform for Social Entrepreneurial Businesses Focused in Private Practice: Creating Impact Through Income


[Grow Your Business] Workshop will include using the body of social work knowledge as a platform for creating a social entrepreneurial business. The workshop will offer social business structure alternatives, steps to take in forming a social business, and examples of ways to obtain financial sustainability. In addition, suggestions for establishing a market base and marketing tools will be discussed. At the end of this workshop, participants will have obtained practical knowledge of detailed skills to consider turning their idea for private practice of a social business into an action plan.

About Carol Mauck

Carol Mauck received her Associate of Arts Degree, majoring in theatre, from Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri. She transferred to the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and continued her education at the University as a Master student in the College of Social Work. Immediately after graduating, she began her career with the State of Illinois, Department of Children and Family Services, working specifically with foster care placements coupled with training and child protective services. After nearly seven years at DCSF, she demonstrated her entrepreneurial skills by establishing a consulting business in Social Work, Activities, and Psychosocial Consulting Services focusing on long term care facilities throughout Illinois. As the founder and president of this business, she employed other social workers in providing consulting services to older adults residing in Illinois facilities. During this time, she taught continuing education seminars at healthcare conferences and conventions regarding the needs of aging adults and participated on State appointed program committees for older adults in residential care. Her passions of caring for older adults culminated in the founding of a successful adult day center where she served as president and owner for seventeen years. During this time, she expanded her teaching career to adjunct lecturing at UIUC School of Social Work. Recently, she sold her adult day center social business and now teaches full time at UIUC.