he NASW-Illinois Chapter is now accepting presentation proposals for its 2019 statewide conference to be held on November 5–7, 2019, at The Westin North Shore in Wheeling, IL. More than seventy one-and-a-half-hour workshops will be presented over three days and will cover a variety of social work-related issues and fields. Those with all levels of experience in presenting are welcome to apply for a workshop slot. Speakers will receive a discounted rate of $125.00 for the entire three-day conference (A savings of over $260.00!). Please note before submitting a proposal that all presenters (once approved) MUST pay the $125.00 discounted rate regardless if they will be attending other elements at the conference. Presentations are welcome on all topics relating to social work.

Presenting at the statewide conference is an excellent opportunity to promote your experience, research, and in some ways, your business and/or practice. (NOTE: Other than a flyer placed in your room, no direct sales can occur in the presentation areas.)

Have other trainings? We’re also looking for presenters on a variety of topics to present for the chapter. If you’d like to submit your proposal for consideration, click here.

Criteria for Selection:

Submissions will be judged on clarity of content, relevance to the social work knowledge base, presentation of new or unique and visionary approaches to practice methods or models and policy and research, as well as nonprofit business and leadership practices. We do not accept presentations that are direct advertisements for your services/or products.

A volunteer panel of experts will evaluate the submissions. The submissions will not include personal information at the time of evaluation. The submissions will be evaluated as they are submitted. Early submission DOES improve your chances of being accepted as there is more time for clarification or to send back the submission for modification.


Submissions must be entered online no later than 5:00pm on Friday, April 26, 2019. Notification of acceptance will be made before Friday, June 14, 2019.

Fee/Equipment Details:

  • Presenters receive a discounted fee for the entire conference ($125.00). All presenters MUST pay the required fee (A savings of over $260.00).
  • Presenters will receive CEUs for presentations they create specifically for this event.
  • LCD projectors* and a screen are FREE. (You must bring your own laptop if using PowerPoint.)
  • Presenters are allowed to bring their OWN equipment for their presentation.
  • Any additional equipment other than a LCD projectors and screens are the responsibility of the speaker to provide or rent.

Submit Your Proposal

To submit your proposal for consideration, please complete the following steps on the submission form:

  1. Create a FREE account at http://proposalspace.com/.
  2. Go to https://proposalspace.com/calls/d/994 and click “Start a proposal for this call.”
  3. Enter in nickname for your proposal.
  4. Click on your proposal nickname to edit.
  5. Enter the title of your proposal.
  6. Enter in your Workshop Learning Objectives.
  7. Enter in the Detailed Workshop Description.
  8. Enter in the Marketing Description (No more than 50 words for print purposes).
  9. Select the tracks that are applicable to your presentation
    • Track 1: School Social Work
    • Track 2: Mental Health
    • Track 3: Business of Social Work
    • Track 4: Diversity/Cultural
    • Track 5: Technology
    • Track 6: Health/Aging
    • Track 7: Family/Child Welfare
    • Track 8: Policy and Legislation
    • Track 9: Other
  10. Select times in which you would be available to present.
    • 11/06 Morning (9:00am–12:15am)
    • 11/06 Afternoon (1:45pm–3:15pm)
    • 11/06 Late afternoon (3:15pm–5:00pm)
    • 11/07 Morning (9:00am–12:15am)
    • 11/07 Afternoon (1:00pm–3:00pm)
    • 11/07 Late afternoon (3:00pm–5:00pm)
  11. Add presenter information: fill in name and credentials, title, company or organization, brief bio, address, telephone, and e-mail addresses of all presenters (no more than two total). Also, please upload a headshot (digital image) we can use for print materials—it will be printed in black and white, and we can crop for you.
  12. Click “Submit this proposal.”

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